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 Quartets Competing in Houston 

Interested in learning more about all the quartets that competed in Houston?  Click on the link below to view a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow (pdf) shown by order of appearance.  A picture of the quartet, quartet personnel (listed as tenor, lead, bari, bass), website links, Regional Scores or the last year's placement at International if returning have been included.  Enjoy!

Slideshow last updated:  10/16/11 10:12 p.m. e.s.t.

Please direct all personnel changes, new picture requests, website information, or corections to


Houston Quartets Slideshow

(Large file - may take a while to load.  If you prefer to download, just right click on the link above and select "save target as". )

Houston Quartets - Contact Information
Wanna get in touch with a quartet that's competing in Houston?  Find their contact information in the file above.  All quartets listed by order of appearance and contain the latest information available as of 7/13/11.